My life as a coder Week 2, 28 Apr 2016

As the title of this blog indicates, this is about my life, challenges, wins and goals as a coder, which I’m thinking about changing to “Developer”. I wish I could write in here everyday but one challenge any new developer in a bootcamp like Origin Code Academy will learn, is that time is one of those challenges.

It’s just ending the near of week two and we’ve already covered so much ground.  I mean we have really jumped into the deep end and I’m treading water as hard as I can to grow the muscles I need to swim.

I went to my 1st meet-up last night after having a really hard day with AngularJS and I have to say it was really a great experience.  I spoke with a lot of people from all levels of experience and told them about my struggles and listened to their stories and words of advice.

One guy I talked to that went to bootcamp in Seattle was astonished when I told him we were learning Angular on day 7, his school didn’t even touch it till week 12 (there last wk). And another student from a local school that was on his last week (week 12) had never even heard of it.  This made me realize that by getting in deep now, I will have just that much longer to learn how to swim before I jump into the ocean of looking for work.

I’m proud that I shopped around and found the school that matched my learning style and needs.

To anyone out there thinking about going to code bootcamp, I can’t emphasize enough to find one that fits.  It’s going to be long nights no matter where you choose, so make it worth it!


My life as a coder Week 2, 25 Apr 2016

Well I have to say these last few days have been a test of my patients.  Starting a Code School reminds me when I moved to Japan and tried to speak to people in broken Spanish, I knew what I wanted to say & could kind of understand reading it but in no way was I fluent.

During the last week I feel like I figured out some key elements of Java Script that I need to master or at least be able to understand certain methods and functions to the point that I can use them.  A great blog that I’ve been reading is JavaScript is Sexy.

Learning how to use Function Callbacks is my latest challenge. Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have a better understanding.

My life as a coder Week 1, Day 3

Today felt a little better than the second day of class.  I helped a fellow student finish their solution, it true that teaching is the best way to learn.  I finished my project before the end of class and comprehended a lot more of the material.  It’s only week 1 of 12 but I can see that the projects are going to get a lot more complex and it’s important that I keep my eyes on the prize.

My biggest accomplishment today was tackling Git.  I had so many errors uploading my projects to Github but I found the best guide that solved all my issues…so far.  If anyone reading this needs a good starting guide for Git check out this Link!

As always here are the links to the projects that I completed today.
Astro Weight Calculator using jQuery and a basicMortgage Calculator.

My life as a coder Week 1, Day 2

19 April 2016

Today I embarked on a path that I’ve been seen in my horizon for years.  I started computer coding.  I’ve worked for over 18 years as an electronic technician and have always been curious about learning how to program the devices that used & repaired.

The last three years of my career I’ve been programming cellular and gps devices using a GUI interface and that is what really got me wanting to learn how to code in some computer language. So I signed up for a Origin Code Academy  where I’ll be working with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL, .Net, Version Control, APIs and learning how to work with a team of other coders.

Today was challenging, I had to create a site that calculated a entered value (weight) by a selected value (planet gravity) and output to the user.  It was simple enough but I learned the hard way that one simple letter/type-o can drive you batty.  If you like to see what I built here is the Github Link.

Time to rest for the day and get ready for tomorrows challenges.